Health and Wellness Delivered

Dr. Todd can come to your business or group and bring life, health, and transformation!

He has a huge heart to educate the community on the dangers of stress and give real-world tools to overcome it. And feeds your team in the process! Does it get any better?

Dr. Todd Royse is the owner & primary Chiropractor at Chiropractic First - A Healing Ministry.


Here’s What Some Groups Have Shared

"We all enjoyed Dr. Todd’s lunch & learn stress less talk. It was very informational, quite inspirational and I look forward to an office visit to see where I can improve on my overall health, fitness and self improvement.“

~Chris Carlson

“Great presentation! Loved Dr. Todd. His assistants were delightful. Learned a lot. Thank you for lunch”


“Dr. Todd Royse brings with him a sincere passion and knowledge that will elevate your group to greater levels of health, life, and happiness. if you love your team make an investment to build them and give them tools for a better tomorrow.”

~Pastor Mike Hooper, Grace Community Church Houston, Texas.
Director of Prayer for KSBJ Radio the number one Christian Radio Station in America

“We all enjoyed Dr. Todd’s lunch & learn Stress Less Talk. It was very informational, quit inspirational and I look forward to an office visit to see where I can improve on my overall health, fitness and self improvement”


“I enjoyed the presentation and thought it was well laid out. Look forward to my first visit.”


“Great job! Talk was very beneficial and informative. I am eager to start care with Dr. Royse and appreciate the full approach.”


“Thank you for coming Dr. Todd. I will be working on cutting out the C.R.A.P and moving.”


“This was very helpful & informative. Thank you Dr. Royse for coming.”


“Thank you for your time. Very informative. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come see you.”


“Great presentation, so informative and I walked away with great information.”

“Very good and eye opening information.”


“Appreciate your time and the information. You’ve given me a lot to chew on, besides the pizza. Thanks again.”

“I learned a lot about health and wellness, and how important it is to take care of your body. I recommend this seminar to everyone because you’ll learn a lot.”

“Very well spoken and explained. Very approachable.”

“Great presentation, very informative.”

“Excellent presentation. Will do exam”



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